Rama Baanam Movie Review


2 Hr 22 Mins   |   Action   |   05-05-2023

Cast - Gopichand, Dimple Hayathi, Nassar, Jagapathi Babu, Sachin Khedekar

Director - Sriwass

Producer - TG Vishwa Prasad, Vivek Kuchibhotla

Banner - People Media Factory

Music - Mickey J Meyar

Gopichand joined hands with director Sriwass with who he worked earlier on two films. This time the duo is coming with Rama Baanam. Going by trailer, Rama Baanam seems to be having all the ingredients of a commercial movie, including the successful combination of Gopichand and Jagapathi Babu. The movie was released today in theaters and let us see if the Rama Baanam hits the aimed target.

What Is It About?

Rajaram (Jagapathi Babu) is a righteous man who is determined to provide organic food to all. His younger brother Vicky (Gopichand) is an aggressive guy who runs away from his family to prove himself as a successful man. Vicky becomes a don in Kolkata and he falls in love with Bhairavi (Dimple Hayathi). Vicky reunites with his family after many years and learns that his brother is in big problems due to one GK (Tarun Arora) and Paparao (Nasser). How he solves the problems and what he does to regain his brother’s love is all about Rama Baanam.


Gopichand puts his efforts and dedication into any role he plays. His role in Rama Baanam is not an exception, but the story falters big with a tired and stereotyped setup. Jagapathi Babu is usual. Jagapathi Babu and Gopichand looked like real brothers when they last appeared together, but in Rama Baanam their roles in Rama Baanam show artificial bonding. Dimple Hayathi is just a glam doll in the movie and she did not even have many dialogues. Khushboo played the most boring role as the hero’s mother-like vadina. The villain Tarun Arora’s role is monotonous and stale. Even his warnings, gestures, and voice appear like we can guess what he is going to utter. The comedy track is disastrous with Vennela Kishore, Ali, Satya, and Getup Srinu.


The story and narration of Rama Baanam are the culprits to start with. The only relief about the movie is the crisp run time of little more than two hours. A vintage story in a trivial setup is all Rama Baanam has. A few songs pictured in scenic locales are good to watch. The narrative lacks the proper connection between the characters and the emotional depth between them is completely artificial. It is more like a scene after scene. Background music is not worth mentioning.

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Everything Else


The protagonist runs away from his principled brother to prove himself and grows up as one of the biggest gangsters in Kolkata. He comes back to his family only to find his brother is in some serious trouble. Needless to say, he will solve each and every problem with his power and money. This is the story of Rama Baanam in a nutshell and is just another addition to one of the most-watched template stories that came in the last many years. Gopichand’s Rama Baanam is one stark example of the routine stories.

The first half takes off with the character establishment and then falls into the routine narrative with elevations followed by some fights. The same old boring love track of a gangster and a vlogger comes in, which at least is set up in a song is a sigh of relief. The comedy track of Ali is stale and Vennela Kishore’s part is the most irritating. This overused comedy pattern is long gone.

Rama Baanam does not deviate from the arrangement of five songs, six fights, motherly love of sister-in-law, a Hindi villain whose interest lies only in the mafia, and many such familiar characters doing their part. The second half also continues as per the structure with the protagonist kicking the goons and warning the baddies like always. Like these universal stories have a thread that the villain usually wants and the hero or his brother opposes, Rama Baanam has the food adulteration concept. There are many illogical and superficial scenes coming and going throughout the movie.

Rama Baanam has a jathara fight, a few foreign location songs, a warehouse fight, saving the poisoned children, saving the land of poor people, and a court hall lecture. These are just a few mentioned from the monotonous list of sequences in the movie and it is high time that our directors shed this so-called commercial template.

Overall, Rama Baanam has nothing new or interesting to offer. It has a very ordinary story setup with the padding of songs and fights that too won’t become a reason to watch this movie.

Bottomline: A Broken Arrow

Rating: 2/5