Movie Review: Pareshan


  |   Drama   |   02-06-2023

Cast - Thiruveer, Pavani Karanam, Bunny Abiran, Sai Prasanna, Arjun Krishna and others

Director - Rupak Ronaldson

Producer - Siddharth Rallapalli

Banner - Waltair Productions

Music - Yashwanth Nag

Thiruveer, who is known for films like George Reddy, Palasa and Masooda, has turned the lead actor with Pareshan. The film is making noise as it is presented by Rana Daggubati. The film banks on humour and Telangana nativity. Will Pareshan join the legion of successful Telangana films? Let’s find out.


Isaac (Thiruveer) is an unconcerned and irresponsible youth whose hard-working father Samarpan (Muralidhar Goud) is very concerned about his son’s future. Samarpan decides to give up his job in Singareni for his son and decides to pay a bribe to his senior officer. But Isaac lends this money to his friends who are in trouble. When Isaac is in dire need of money, his friends fail to repay him. This affects his relationship with father and his love life with Sireesha (Pavani Karnam). How Isaac solves all his problems and wins his love with Sireesha forms the crux of the story.


Thiruveer is apt for the role of Isaac. He is good as innocent and his tall personality comes in handy. Pavani as Sireesha scores with his natural acting. Muralidhar Goud is seen as a concerned father. His role has nothing much to offer. His Telugu-to-English translation scenes haven’t worked as expected. Thiruveer’s friends and other actors in the opposite gang are alright. But none of the characters leave impact. They lack the substance.


Pareshan has neither a strong story nor technical aspects. It struggles with poor filmmaking standards. It only relies on the treatment which works occasionally. Music isn’t great. Velugu Velugu song is a slight relief as it brings cheers. Production values are on par with YouTube short films.

Thumbs Up
Comedy In Parts
Velugu Velugu Song

Thumbs Down
Thin Story
Weak Climax


Telangana nativity is the happening theme in Tollywood right now. From big-budget films to small-budget films, filmmakers are opting for this backdrop. Dasara belongs to the former, whereas Balagam, Mem Famous and now Pareshan belong to the latter.

Coming to Pareshan, the film starts on a decent note. Director Rupak Ronaldson establishes the central characters imbibing humour. The first-half goes on a familiar path. Yet it is partially engaging owing to humour. But the film lacks depth in the story. It is a thin point and it doesn’t evolve further. The writing is weak.

A jobless youth, a scolding father, love story, problems and happy-ending. This is the best way to sum-up Pareshan. The makers rely on the treatment and Telangana nativity and some dialogues. Of late, it is portrayed that liquor and bewarse are signatures of Telangana youth. This is no different in Pareshan. It just glorifies alcohol as the protagonist and his friends gulp beer more often, even in serious situations. This puts us off.

The second-half goes on a different trajectory altogether. There is a sudden change in protagonist Isaac’s characterisation in the latter half. The transition from soft and friendly person to a harsh and unfriendly guy isn’t convincing. The making standards are below par. The climax ends on a very simple and weak note. Overall, Pareshan is a futile effort. It fails to engage, barring some comedy portions in the first half.

Verdict: Pareshan To Audience

Rating: 2/5