| | 2012-02-24

Nitin, Nithya Menen, Ajay, Nagineedu, Ali, Sindhu Tolani others

Director - Vikram Kumar
Producer - Vikram Goud
Banner - Sreshta Movies and Multi Dimention Entertainment
Music - Anup Rubens

Nitin, who is desperately in need of a hit, has pinned so many hopes on Ishq. He gave up on the action image that he has been trying for and did a romantic entertainer, which caters to the youth. Vikram Kumar of '13 B' fame is the director of this movie. PC Sri Ram and Srikar Prasad are the cinematographer and editor for this film. Audio composed by Anup Rubens has become popular within no time. Ishq looked like every bit of a movie that would fetch Nitin that much needed hit he has been looking for. So did it?


Rahul (Nitin) and Priya (Nithya) fall in love after few irrelevant but interesting incidents. But like every other love, this couple's love too hits an obstacle. That is in the form of Priya's brother Shiva (Ajay). Rahul and Shiva have a past that created differences between them. Now Rahul has to convince Shiva to win his love. What he does forms the rest of the story.

Nitin is very good in an energetic and entertaining role. He tried a new look that suits the character and he has worked on his expressions. He is confident from the start to end. There are no heavy fights or critical dance moves. Nitin did his best to keep it simple. On a whole he did a very fine job.

Nithya Menen is cute, but very short! She looked odd at times as she is too short for Nitin, who himself is not a very tall guy. Her performance is sweet. Ajay is terrific. Watch out for his expressions in the scene when his father tells him that he wants Nitin to marry his daughter. Ajay has proved time and again that he is a very good actor, but somehow he didn't get his due till now.

Nagineedu is Okay. Ali is good in his limited role. Others all did a decent job in their respective roles.


The film is made on a decent budget. The production values are pretty good. Music by Anup is peppy and catchy. Almost all the songs are good on ears as well as eyes. Background score is good. PC Sriram's camera work is the highlight of the film. You can see his special touch in each and every frame. Editing by Srikar Prasad is crisp. Dialogues are okay and action part is alright.

Director Vikram Kumar did a fine job in introducing the characters. First half is neat and entertaining. He lost grip over screenplay in the second half. The second half is supposed to be hilarious, but only few scenes worked and rest of them looked okay to ordinary. There are shades of brilliance seen in some sequences though. A rounded script will help him to establish himself as a good director.


Ishq starts off on a positive note. Kodibaye Lachammadi is the first song and sets the right mood. The introduction scene of hero and heroine on the road is too good. The film breezed through the first hour with very good scenes. You fall in 'ishq' with the proceedings and feel that it is going to be a very good romantic entertainer.

Interval point is alright. Conflict created between the characters is strong enough. But the director faltered to take it home from there. He tried to imitate the super successful formula of Srinu Vytla, but couldn't create so much fun.

Except for few scenes involving Ajay and Nitin, second half runs on a dull note. Climax looked bit hurried. On a whole, Ishq is a romantic entertainer which has good first half and not so strong second half. Young audience might like it for the feel good factor in the first hour.

The timing of the release not good and to pull off a hit at this time needs much more than this. Let us see if luck favors Nitin to fetch him that desperately needed success. To cut things short, Ishq is definitely the better film for Nitin after ages. But not good enough to get super positive talk from the viewers.

In one word:  Ishq is an okay entertainer!