| | 2012-03-30

Aadi, Shanvi, Rajendra Prasad, Vennela Kishor, Ahuti Prasad and others

Director - Jaya B
Producer - BA Raju
Banner - RR Movie Makers
Music - Anup Rubens

Sai Kumar's son Aadi, who made debut with Prema Kavali, did his second movie Lovely under Jaya's direction. Aadi impressed one and all with his energetic performance in Prema Kavali. Is he a one film wonder or does he have the mettle to become a bankable star? Lovely explores his casual side and let's see how he and the film fare?

What is it about?

Maharadhi (Rajendra Prasad) is a multi millionaire, who loves his daughter Lovely (Shanvi) more than anything. His daughter falls in love with Akash (Aadi). Maharadhi believes that his daughter's choice will be as good as his. But the first impression of Akash makes him rethink. He decides to observe Akash by staying along with him and we get to know that Maharadhi himself has a dark past. What is that and what happens to Akash's love story sums up Lovely.

Aadi doesn't have a big frame, but can pull of action episodes and he also can dance like a livewire. He confidently carries his role, but he is yet to refine his skills as an actor. There is one very heavy emotional scene during the climax and Aadi comes up with a blank face. That is not a good sign for an actor.

Shanvi is cute, but doesn't have the oomph to lure the masses. She neither possesses any acting skills. She is just a nursery kid in terms of performance. Rajendra Prasad is alright as a caring father. But he failed to deliver a natural performance. Maybe the poor characterization didn't help him much.

Vennela Kishore and Chinmayi have done a decent job and are very compatible and complimented each other in comedy sequences. Ahuti Prasad is loud and Paruchuri Gopala Krishna is over the top.

On the Technical Front:

Technically Lovely comes up with a mixed show. Music by Anup Rubens is nice. Most of the songs are shot well and his compositions are very catchy. Lovely title song will haunt the viewers. BGM is not bad either. Dialogues are Okay.

Cinematography is average. It is good in songs with rich visuals, but looked cheap during the talkie portions. Editing is jerky. Director failed to generate the feel in the movie. The film lacked natural appeal and everything seemed dramatic. These type of films need sensible narration and Lovely lacked it completely.


Lovely in spite of having a decent storyline, which has shades of Bommarillu didn't click due to poor screenplay. Initial scenes that show the bond between father and daughter are very artificial. Audiences get disconnected with the film right away. The love story doesn't have the soul. Director never tried to show how strong their bond is.

Biggest drawback in this film is the father - daughter bond is never explored. They hardly share any scenes. Hence, the father's sacrifices for his daughter seem forced and out of place. Even the daughter speaks high about her father only in his presence (of course her character isn't aware of his presence), which is another reason for this relation and emotions to look unnatural.

There are numerous flaws in the screenplay and less talked about the climax is better. Except for songs and few comedic scenes, Lovely offers nothing novel. Moreover, most part of the film is extremely boring, very illogical and dramatically artificial. Lovely's future at box office looks gloomy and with so many big films lined up for release, it is ought to suffer 'sun stroke' in this hot summer.

Verdict:  Lovely is a love story without soul!