| | 2012-07-06

Nani, Samantha, Sudeep and others

Director - SS Rajamouli
Producer - Sai Korrapati
Banner - Varahi Chalanachitram
Music - MM Keeravani

Every time a Rajamouli film releases, audiences and critics should search for adjectives. We can't simply say that Rajamouli film is 'Good' or 'Very Good'. We will have to search for words to define it. Rajamouli never gets tires of outperforming himself. He has done that numerous times in the past and has done it again. Eega is one of the best films that was ever made on Indian screen. Read on to know the details...

What is it about?

Nani (Nani) is madly in love with Bindhu (Samantha), who doesn't respond to him, but loves him silently. A crooked billionaire Sudeep (Sudeep) eyes Bindhu, but comes to know that she loves Nani. While Bindhu decides to express her love to Nani, Sudeep takes him away and kills him. Nani immediately takes rebirth as Eega and comes back to save Bindhu from the clutches of Sudeep. Samantha gets to know that Nani is reborn as Eega and they will execute a combined plan to bring down Sudeep.

Nani is restricted for very less time. He hardly has twenty minutes of screen time, but impresses with his natural portrayal. He is lovable in that cameo. Samantha is a damsel. She is a natural beauty that is easy on eyes. She knows how to carry herself on screen. She can act too. Samantha, who hasn't yet scored a flop in Telugu, will keep her success record intact with this movie.

Sudeep is stupendous. What an actor? He made it believable that he is really being tortured by the housefly. True signs of a great actor! Actors don't get such roles every time and when they get one they have to make full use of it. Sudeep exactly did the same and will now earn many fans here. There is some humorous touch given to his character and he pulled it off without a minute error. Remaining star cast has negligible role to play as the story mainly runs on the principal characters.

On the Technical Front:

Rajamouli made sure that this film comes out brilliantly on the technical front. All the technicians have done terrific job and have given very good output. Keeravani's music is the highlight. His background score took eega to the next level. Senthil's camera work is another asset. He matched the CGI shots and regular camera shots in perfect sync. Editing is crisp. Visual FX and Graphics are top notch for the standards of a Telugu film. There are few instances where the output could have been better. But on a whole they are superb.

Rajamouli has taken up a challenge of making a film with Eega as the hero and he has delivered the goods like a pro. Not every director would dare to make such a film. Rajamouli is definitely not in the league of other commercial directors. He deserves the places from one to ten among top directors and the rest follow from 11. He will be celebrated in national level with this film. We should be proud that he has taken our cinema to another level.


Eega is tagged as ultimate revenge story and you should watch the film to know why it is! This is really an ultimate entertainer where there is no big commercial hero to shoulder it. However, audience would connect with the Eega and its revenge right away. How many times have you seen crowds cheering a housefly's entry? Eega is not less than any commercial hero, at least in this film.

Rajamouli's has done very good research on the houseflies. He captured every tiny movements and incorporated in the film. He used the tininess of the protagonist to good effect and there are tons of scenes that would leave you awestruck. Watch out for the scene where Eega causes a traffic jam and the scene where it gets back into the running car through ac window.

Only a great director could imagine such scenes and bring them on to the screen with such finesse. Rajamouli ranks among the best directors that India has ever produced. Eega proves that he is the commercial guru of cinema. He made a film which is totally different and yet commercially viable.

All the sections of audience could enjoy this film as Rajamouli dealt it in typical Telugu commercial filmy style. There are elements that caters to every section. Except for the fact that the logic has gone for a toss, Eega is pretty good on every level. May be the screenplay could have been fine tuned as there are some hiccups in between.

Nevertheless, Eega entertains and engages throughout. There are scenes where you would watch the action with closed fists. Should we give better example to say that this film succeeds? Eega is an experience that should never be missed. And you know where to head right after you are done reading this review, right?

Verdict:  Eega is excellently exceptional, thoroughly entertaining and fully exciting!