Gangs Of Godavari Movie Review


2 Hr 26 Mins   |   Action   |   31-05-2024

Cast - Vishwak Sen, Anjali, Neha Shetty, Nassar, P. Sai Kumar, Hyper Aadi and others

Director - Krishna Chaitanya

Producer - Suryadevara Naga Vamsi, Sai Soujanya

Banner - Sithara Entertainments, Fortune Four Cinemas

Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Vishwak Sen comes back to doing his favorite role filled with aggression and mass after his subtle performance in Gaami. Vishwak Sen’s Gangs Of Godavari had to see multiple postponements and finally hit the screens today. The trailer looked promising with the element of rural gangster and political drama. Here is the review from one of the US premieres and let us see what the gangs did.

What Is It About?

Ratna (Vishwak Sen) is a local gangster who aspires to grow big by hook or crook. Ratna emerges as a big shot by stepping on the heads of the local politicians and making more enemies. Ratna turns rival with Doraswami Raju (Goparaju Ramana) and Nanaji (Nasser). Ratna marries Bujji (Neha Shetty) and his mistakes from the past start coming back to him. How did Ratna survive and save his family? What happens to Ratna? Gangs Of Godavari answers these questions.


Vishwak Sen performed well in the first half where he showed the cunning side. Vishwak Sen managed Godavari accent well. The second half goes awry and Vishwak Sen could not make his mark there. The choppy screenplay did not help highlight any performances. Anjali had a few scenes in the beginning but goes missing for the most part where Neha Shetty takes over. Anjali did fine in her role. Neha Shetty appears as the female lead and she performed okay. She hardly had any dialogues in the latter half. Goparaju Ramana, Nasser, Aadi, Pemmi Sai, and others were supportive in their respective roles.


Gangs Of Godavari falters in editing and screenplay. The initial parts looked up-and-coming but soon turned hopeless. The cinematography is fine. The songs are not great. The item song with Ayesha Khan is also not great. There are a few good dialogues and an action block in the first half that was shot well.

Thumbs Up

Vishwak Sen
Police station action scene

Thumbs Down

Rushed Screenplay
Second half


Gangs Of Godavari has set good expectations with the vintage gangster drama setup and of course Vishwak Sen factor. Vishwak Sen’s role matches his style and aggression, but the story and narrative fall short leaving Gangs Of Godavari an average drama.

The plot setup and character establishment go well in the first half. Though it has the shades of yesteryear movie M Dharmaraju MA, Gangs Of Godavari has its own setbacks. The first half has a few good parts like the kidnap comedy and the police station mass fight.

The continuity gets dented by the abrupt cuts many a time and that leaves many scenes impactless. Before the scene makes any impact or emotion it jumps to the next scene. The uneven screenplay and smash cuts played the spoilsport. There are few commercial format over-the-top scenes like the heroine falling for a local gangster.

The second half goes chaos with the template narrative. The scenes appear hurried mostly. The episode of conspiracy to kill the sitting MLA as if he is a street rowdy looks artificial. The cunning ploys from the protagonist’s side and the rival side lost their impact in the rushed screenplay. The pre-climax and climax are also not convincing enough to end it on a better note.

Overall, Gangs Of Godavari starts on an interesting note, but the graph quickly falls down due to the lack of depth in the scenes. The emotional drama falls flat where it should shine. Other than a couple of fights and a few dialogues, Gangs Of Godavari has nothing much to impress.

Bottomline: Washed Away

Rating: 2/5