Prema Katha Chitram

| | 2013-06-07

Sudheer, Nandita, Praveen and others

Director - J. Prabhakar Reddy
Producer - Maruthi
Banner - RPA Creations
Music - JB

Maruthi has definitely made an impression with his first two films which were made on a shoestring budget and went onto become big commercial hits. Although he is not the director of Prema Katha Chitram, it is branded and marketed as Brand Maruthi film. If you have watched his previous two films, this is completely different film in all aspects. Lets get into the details.

What is it about?

Sudheer, Nanditha and Praveen are friends and want to commit suicide as they are fed up in life. They go to a guest house on a mission to commit suicide and they are joined by yet another suicidal party Sapthagiri. However they cant die as unexpected events puts them in a serious mess. How they come out is the crux of this story.


Sudheer is okay as the main lead. He is good in scenes where he is terrified. But he has to work upon the casual scenes where he has no clue about what to do. He is a good dancer and is well built. But these doesn't help anyone to break into the busy league. Nanditha is a treat to watch. She simply stole the show. It is hard to believe that she is only two film old. What a performance! No one can stop her from turning into a busy heroine after this show. Sapthagiri did few cameos in some films and impressed with his timing and expressions. This time he got a good length role and he brings the house down with his hilarious comedy. Praveen too complemented well with his own typical East Godavari dialect. Rest of the star cast has nothing much to do.

Music by JB is impressive. Background score is good especially in horror scenes. Editing is okay. Cinematography is standard. Director Prabhakar Reddy did well in making this a complete entertainer. There is a rise in the graph prior to interval and it continues to be at the top until the pre climax scenes. That is more than enough to make a film hit at the box office. Maruthi excelled in writing department. Despite few A rated dialogues, writer really proved his talent in making this film a hilarious entertainer. Maruthi's talent should be lauded for mixing up Romance, Comedy and Horror genres at will.

Prema Katha Chitram isn't carrying any pre release expectations and that is a big bonus for this movie. It hooks you and keeps you entertained all the way. There are few howlarious comedy scenes in the second half. It is total paisa vasool movie which would instantly get positive talk from all corners. Now this word of mouth will take this film to the next level at the box office.

Although the storyline is wafer thin, the writer has done an intelligent job by making it into a mixed genre movie. First half is alright until the stunning interval block. It worked out so well that it raises so many expectations on second half. The writer and director played cleverly here, by taking the comedic route. There are many repetitive scenes and the story hardly gets going at this point, but you wouldn't complain due to the entertainment quotient.
This film has all the ingredients to be a winner at the box office. It will appeal to all sections of audience as it is a no brainer and sheer entertainer. Prema Katha Chitram will earn some respect to Maruthi as a writer and director too. This man is here to stay!

Verdict: Hilarious Horror Love Story!