‘MATA’s First Convention in the USA: A Grand Success

“Mana American Telugu Association” (MATA), an organization dedicated to serving Telugu people across all castes, religions, regions, and politics, held its first convention with great fanfare. The convention, organized by MATA founder and president Srinivas Ganagoni, was held at the Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey. Senior actor Ali and his wife, young hero Nikhil, and Bigg Boss winner Kaushal attended as chief guests.

Prominent individuals who have made significant contributions in various fields were honored with MATA awards. The MATA Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Malireddy Srinivasulu Reddy and Syama Reddy couple for their outstanding contributions to the society.

MATA Excellence Awards were presented to prominent figures in various fields to recognize their services. State Representatives presented a proclamation of honor to hero Nikhil, actor Ali and his wife were also honored on the same stage. Bigg Boss 2 winner Kaushal entertained the audience by answering questions asked by Bigg Boss. On this occasion, the special souvenir of Mana American Telugu Association was unveiled on the stage.

The Convention Core Team Consists of Srinivas Ganaogoni (Founder & President), Swathi Atluri (Convenor), Praveen Guduru (Secretary), Kiran Duddagi (Coordinator), Vijay Bhaskar Kalal (Coordinator), Venkat Sunkireddy (Coordinator), Gangadhar Vuppala (Treasurer), and Tony Jannu (Joint Secretary), Jithender Reddy (AC Member), and Pradeep Samala (Founder & AC Member), and with the support of EC, BODs, honorary advisors, and convention committees played a key role in making the first MATA convention a success.

The political forum, startup discussions, youth forum, MATA Singing Star, health seminar, women’s forum, Ghantasala’s musical tribute, and MATA Matrimony events held as part of these celebrations were special attractions, and the vendor stalls attracted everyone. The music show organized by singer Karthik captivated everyone and became the highlight of the celebrations.

Raghusharma Sankaramani Kanakadurga, the organizer of Sai Datta Peetham, performed a special puja program wishing for the happiness and prosperity of all Telugu people around the world. As part of these celebrations, folk choreographer Linga Srinivas from India performed cultural programs like Kolatam and Dappu.

The banquette night was enthralled by various singers including Srikanth Sandugu & his team of singers, and the Raagin Band entertained the audience with style and energized the team.

Another special feature of these celebrations was that they were conducted in a colorful manner with minimal unnecessary extravagance and at a very low cost. Unlike any other Telugu association in the US so far, it has shared entertainment with Telugu people throughout the event with Telugu drama and songs that were grandeur than anyone could have imagined, at a low cost, and has given them unforgettable memories.

MATA President Srinivas Ganagoni announced that the remaining budget would be allocated to social service initiatives as unnecessary expenses for the convention were reduced. He expressed pride that their organization had grown significantly in the US within a year of its inception. He said that they are celebrating these celebrations so grandly in the joy of the successful completion of the first year.

Srinivas Ganagoni thanked all those who cooperated for the MATA convention and the sponsors. He expressed special thanks to the celebrities from Telugu states, leaders of NRI associations, and the large number of NRIs who attended these celebrations.

Leaders of Telugu associations in the USA including TANA, ATA, NATS, TTA, TFAS, TLCA, TASJ, AAA,NRIVA, NJTA, TPF, SPB, TAGDV, NYTTA, SDP, Sai Balaji Temple, and VASAVI participated in these celebrations and conveyed their best wishes to all the members of the MATA convention.

The delicious Telugu cuisine won the hearts of everyone at these celebrations. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals along with various types of sweets were served at these celebrations. This ‘MATA’ convention stood as the biggest Telugu event in the superpower. It was a success with the participation of over 3500 Telugu people.

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Please visit the MATA website at www.mata-us.org.

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