Kevvu Keka

| | 2013-07-19

Allari Naresh, Sharmila Mandre, Ashish Vidhyardhi, Kiran Rathod, Krishna Bhagavan and others

Director - Devi Prasad
Producer - Boppana Chandrasekha
Banner - Jahnavi Productions
Music - Bheems

Allari Naresh, who delivers decent comedies that entertains the fun loving audiences has been out of form for some time. His last hit was Sudigadu which did very well at the box office. However, he failed to repeat that magic again. His latest film Kevvu Keka is out in theaters. Did his comedy click this time?

What is it about?

Buchiraju (Allari Naresh) is an ordinary salesman who falls in love with a middle class girl Mahalakshmi (Sharmila). She too loves Buchiraju but her father (MS Narayana) is a greedy person who dreams of having a rich guy as his son in law. Mahalakshmi lies that Buchiraju is a billionaire and when her father comes to know about the truth he gives six months time to Buchiraju to earn crores. Now Buchiraju goes on a mission to win his love.

Performances :

Allari Naresh is not new to this type of roles. He has done many characters that are similar to this and he simply sleep walked through the film. Sharmila is a very bad actress and awful dubbing given to her makes it a nightmarish debut. Ali is fine and MS Narayana is standard. Asish Vidhyardhi fails big time. Krishna Bhagavan is just about okay. There is nothing much to say about remaining star cast.

Technicalities :

Dialogues are unbearable. Major failure from the dialog write. Cinematography is poor and so is the editing. Soundtrack is pathetic and the background score is even bad. Production values are substandard. Director Devi Prasad failed big time. He has given few decent comedy films in the past, but this time he is out of sorts. Even with an ensemble cast at his hand, the director fails to make use of them. He should soon forget about this film and pull his socks up to deliver a better comedy. This film is a huge setback to the director who is yet to get a break.

Analysis :

Kevvu Keka has disaster written allover it. The way the film takes off gives you a clear picture of what is going to follow. Awful screenplay technique used to narrate the story gets on your nerves and every character that is introduced only increases the boredom. The film is supposed to be a comedy, but none of the scenes or dialogue manages to put a smile on the audience face.

Director promises a laugh riot at the interval point and if you hope for things to get better in the second half, you will be disappointed even more. Second half is a sheer pain with cliched comedy scenes and bad performances. Not a single episode clicked and lived up to the cause. A lengthy climax sequence is a killer punch on the audience who wait until the end.

Kevvu Keka is easily one of the worst films of this year so far and will rank amongst the worst ever Allari Naresh films. This film cannot be watched on DVD too even on Fast Forward mode. This will disappear from theaters within no time and maybe the makers have already guessed it. Hence there is no publicity at all. Watch it at your own peril.

Verdict :  Viewers will shout out loud in pain!