Uyyala Jampala

| | 2013-12-24

Raj Tarun, Avika, Kireeti Damaraju and others

Director - Virinchi Varma
Producer - Nagarjuna, Ram Mohan
Banner - Annapurna Studios, Sunshine Cinema
Music - Sunny MR

Uyyala Jampala is a low budget film associated with big names like Nagarjuna and Suresh Babu. Nagarjuna is one of the producers and Suresh Babu is the presenter of this film. This film caught the attention of movie lovers with good promotional material and it is a decent film that live up to that expectations formed.

What is it about?

Soori (Raj Tarun) and Uma Devi are cousins (Bava Maradallu) that grows up in the same neighborhood. They always fight with each other and doesn't realize that they have immense love on their opposite. When the time comes they realize that they are made for each other and get married.

Raj Tarun is good as the typical village boy doing some local business. He brings that believability to his character and comes up with an excellent performance right in his first film. He is a talent to watch out for. Avika is well known to Telugu audience with 'Chinnari Pellikooturu' TV serial. She did well in the role of a naughty and confused 'maradalu'. She is cute and fits the bill. Kireeti of Second Hand fame did a cameo in this. His presence doesn't go unnoticed. All other actors did their bit and made this film a watchable fare.

Director Virinchi Varma's choice of script is good. He took up a subject that will appeal to anyone. Everyone must have self experienced or seen a couple like this in their real lives. That is the first success of the director and the way he brought it on to the screen is commendable. Director didn't try to make a marvelous film; he just attempted a simple love story with lovable elements in it. He has succeeded in making this film a joyous ride.

Cinematography is top notch. We don't see such quality often in small budget films. The big names associated with this film on the production side come in handy in making this a quality film. Dialogues are impressive. Music by MR Sunny is very good. Editing done by Marthand K Venkatesh keeps the film crisp and short. This small film is technically sound and impresses on every front.
Uyyala Jampala is as simple and as natural as its title. It is a cute love story of confused cousins. First half of the film breezes off with a wonderful pace. You will instantly love the characters and follow them right from the start. Director kept it simple and straight so that we don't need much time to get connected with the characters.

Lovable characters and believable situations make Uyyala Jampala a pleasure to watch. Hero doesn't know that he is actually in love with his maradalu and we wait for the moment that he realizes that. Director failed to make that moment click and the pace in second half slows down considerably.

Uyyala Jampala has its share of weaknesses but it has some pleasant and sweet moments that will leave you with a 'feel good' impression. Youthful films are mainly focusing on the urbane romance these days. But we still have lovable and cute couples in villages and their love is as natural and as clean as the village greenery. Uyyala Jampala brings one of those cute village couples on to the screen and it is a delight to watch their love story.

If you can excuse few hiccups in the film Uyyala Jampala will be a film that will definitely put a smile on your face for most of the time. Watch it if you are bored with routine masala fare and wanting to watch something cute and natural.

Verdict: Uyyala Jampala - Cute Romantic Entertainer