Meet The Richest MP Candidate In India, Pemmasani

The election season is here and in accordance, a lot of discussion is happening around the declared assets of MLA and MP candidates. In one such case, one of the richest MP candidates in India, if not the richest MP candidate could well be from Andhra Pradesh or to be more precise, from Guntur.

The candidate in the discussion here is Pemmasani Chandra Sekhar, the Telugu Desam Party MP candidate in contention from Guntur. He filed his nomination today and declared his family assets worth nearly Rs 5784 crores.

The numbers quoted by Pemmasani are as below:

Movable Assets – ₹ 5598,64,80,786 [Rs 5598.65 CR]
Immovable Assets – ₹ 186,62,93,157 [Rs186.63 CR]
Liabilities – ₹ 1038,00,00,000 [ Rs 1038 CR]

To put this into perspective, the richest MP candidate in the Indian general elections, in 2019, Ramesh Kumar Sharma(independent candidate from Bihar) declared assets worth Rs 1107 crore. Coming to our Pemmasani, he is over 5 times richer than the richest candidate in 2019.

Pemmasani Chandra Sekhar is an NRI medical professional and he is contesting from the Guntur Lok Sabha segment in this year’s election. He claimed on multiple occasions that he is contesting the election with the sole intention of serving the public and wouldn’t hesitate to even spend his own money for development activities in Guntur.