Laddu Babu

| | 2014-04-18

Allari Naresh, Bhumika, Poorna and others

Director - Ravi Babu
Producer - Rajendra Tripuraneni
Banner - Maharadhi Films
Music - Chakri

Allari Naresh's Laddu Babu caught the attention of Telugu film lovers as the actor has done the avatar of an obese guy in the film. Ravi Babu has made some brilliant films in the past and one couldn't take this Laddu Babu lightly for obvious reasons. Did the Allari duo deliver another rib tickling comedy or not?

What is it about?

Laddu Babu (Allari Naresh) is an extremely obese guy whose father (Kota Srinivasa Rao) is a crook. Laddu Babu's father tries to get his son hitched to girls with physical deformities so that he can sell the house and settle in Goa. Laddu Babu falls in love with beautiful Maya (Poorna). A small kid tries hard to make friendship with Laddu Babu and takes him to his house. This kid has a mother (Bhumika). What are the intentions of that kid? What happened to Laddu Babu's love?

Allari Naresh did his best to carry this hollow script on his shoulders. He has put in lot of time and efforts for the makeup and that is clearly evident. Despite his efforts Naresh couldn't pull this film off as the director utterly failed in every department. Bhumika is good in her brief role. Poorna is passable. Kota Srinivasara Rao is decent as usual. Brahmanandam, Ali, Venu Madhav and others made cameo appearances in this film.

Ravi Babu has a knack of switching genres with every film. He has made some enjoyable films in the past. Seeing Allari Naresh in obese avatar one would have expected Laddu Babu to be another fun fare from Ravi Babu. But Ravi Babu put all his efforts on getting Laddu Babu's 'look' right and didn't pay attention to the script. Laddu Babu is a poorly written and badly made film. It is easily one of those avoidable films from the director.
Music by Chakri is mediocre. Photography is bad. There is nothing worth mentioning except for the work of makeup artists. Laddu Babu is bad and unbearable with most of the technical departments messing it up big time.

Thumbs Up:

Allari Naresh's efforts
Bhumika's subtle performance
Thumbs Down:

Ravi Babu's bad script and direction
Chakri's music

Ravi Babu must have been very excited with the very idea of showing lean Allari Naresh as a fat guy. He should have made this film in a hurry and expected audience to queue up to see Allari Naresh as Laddu Babu. He forgot that any movie needs a good plot and engaging script to keep the audience glued till the end.

Let alone strong script, Ravi Babu didn't even get the comedy right for this film. All those so called comedy scenes will appeal only to people with low levels of sense of humor. It is so cheap that the director stooped to the level of making fun of conjoint twins in the name of comedy.
Laddu Babu is a classic example for those who take comedy lightly. It is not that easy to make people laugh and one would look like a clown if they try hard at it. Laddu Babu will go down as one of the bad films of Ravi Babu as well as Allari Naresh. The actor has been running through lean phase in his career at the moment and his efforts have gone completely wasted in a silly and stupid film.
There is a scene where Ravi Babu used the services of all the noted comedians. Audience will only feel sad seeing those great actors in such idiotic scene. Ravi Babu had all the resources at his hand to make a fun film, but he made an unbearable comedy with a very talented and hard working lead actor. Laddu Babu is solely Ravi Babu's failure as a filmmaker. Watch it at your own risk.

Verdict: Rotten Comedy Babu!