| | 2014-12-05

Sumanth Ashwin, Rehana and others

Director - Vema Reddy
Producer - Narasimha, Narasimha Reddy
Banner - Ilavala Films
Music - Mickey J. Meyer

Sukumar's protege Vema Reddy made his directorial debut with Chakkiligintha starring Sumanth Ashwin and Rehana.

What is it about?

Adi (Sumanth Ashwin) believes that boys are looked down by the girls as boys tend to express their feelings first. He asks all of his friends to avoid girls to gain their attention. Then comes Avi (Rehana) who challenges that she would make Adi fall for her and break his own rules.


Sumanth Ashwin suits the character and he is expressive. He is definitely improving as an actor. He tried his hand at action in this film. Rehana is cute. She complemented Sumanth well. Lead pair did their best to make this romantic flick click. There are many young comedians among the star cast. But sadly none of them were utilized to their potential. Viva Harsha and Tagubothu Ramesh had few moments here and there.

On the Technical Front:

Director Vema Reddy had a nice concept on his mind. He failed to develop that idea into a good film. There are patches of brilliance from the debutante that will not go away unnoticed. Unfortunately they are very less and far apart. Vema Reddy might make a name for himself if he comes up with a strong script.

Film is technically sound with colorful cinematography and soothing music. However that isn't enough to make this film an engaging watch. Editing could have been better. Film drags towards the interval and climax. Producers made sure that the film has rich visuals.


Chakkiligintha starts off on an interesting note with the protagonist expressing his different ideology about girls. However the film is completely based on that idea and never moves ahead. It gets boring after a point Even the conflict between the lead pair isn't strong enough to keep you interested till the end.

There are certain elements that may appeal to the youth. Even they will get bored with this wafer thin story going nowhere after the first few minutes. If the director concentrated on entertainment and other engrossing elements Chakkiligintha could have been a better product. The film comes alive only towards the penultimate scenes. We wish there were such touching scenes throughout the film.

Chakkiligintha has its moments, but falls flat on a whole. Boring narration, single line story and silly philosophies about youth's mentality doesn't let this film go above the below average mark. An able lead pair with some decent technical values doesn't make this film a decent watch. In one word, it is a 'disappointment' from the debutante director.

Verdict: Chakkiligintha fails to tickle!

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