Joint Collector Wears Common Man’s ‘Look’ For Inspection

On Tuesday, actually Joint Collector KC Kishore Kumar of Vizianagaram district in Andhra Pradesh wanted to inspect if vegetable vendors are selling at right prices or hiking them. Rather sending any other person or a police team to verify it, he himself got disguised in a common man’s avatar and went to inspect the Raithu Bazar. Quite a cinematic touch this is, isn’t it?

While shopping for veggies, the joint collector could be seen noticing on paper, as to who is selling which vegetable at what price. After the inspection, he’s said to have warned those vendors who are selling at high prices that stern action would be taken if the violation of government’s no-price-hike instruction happens.

During the times of crisis, things could go wrong in many ways and if lockdown is imposed, then situations will spiral out of hands in no time. One of them is creating unwanted panic about the non-availability of essentials, thus hiking the prices and selling them at double and triple rates. This is what we’re already witnessing at many places though governments are giving strong warning to such vendors.