Movie Review: Nakshatram

2:46 | Action | 2017-08-04

Sundeep Kishan, Regina, Sai Dharam Tej, Praggya Jaiswal, Prakash Raj, Tanish, Shivaji Raja and others

Director - Krishna Vamsi
Producer - Srinivasulu, Venu Gopal, Sajju
Banner - Butta Bomma Creations
Music - Bheems, Hari Gaura

Krishna Vamsi who has been out of form from many years has come up with Nakshatram, a film with police backdrop. Notable star cast and Krishna Vamsi's past record raised hopes on Nakshatram, but it turned out to be a very loud insensible film.

What is it about?

Rama Rao (Sundeep) comes from a family of police men. His only aim is to become a sub inspector. He overcomes all the hurdles to live his dream, but disaster strikes in the form of Rahul (Tanish) and Ramarao's dreams are shattered. Ramarao decides to do the police work without being appointed and nabs a weapon smuggler. Ramarao happens to wear missing IPS officer Alexander's (Sai Dharam Tej) uniform that puzzles the police department. Why did Alexander go missing and what happens to Ramarao's dream of turning a cop?


Sundeep Kishan is sincere in playing his part. Despite the eccentricity associated with his character, Sundeep comes up with a decent performance altogether. Sai Dharam Tej's screen presence is good, but his character is poorly written. He doesn't make any impact with his cameo. Regina oozes oomph and Pragya is fine as a badass police woman. Prakash Raj and Shivaji Raja are their usual self. Tanish is adequate as the drug addict. Tulasi is over the top. There is nothing much to write home about others including JD Chakravarthy.


Krishna Vamsi's intentions are good but the execution goes haywire. Everything about the film is over the top and unbearably loud. Even the making style of the film is stuck in nineties. It is pretty evident that Krishna Vamsi is totally out of form.

Music is unimpressive. The soundtrack lacks appeal and the background score is too loud. Editing is clumsy and cinematography is a disaster. It looks like a low quality product. Production values are very poor.

Thumbs Up:

Nothing much

Thumbs Down:

Bad script

Over the top performances

Terrible second half

Krishna Vamsi films are usually loud and people who have watched his earlier films are well aware of it. But Nakshatram is on a whole new level in terms of loudness. It is louder even for Krishna Vamsi's standards. The plot of the film itself sounds silly and unrealistic. The first half of the film is barely passable.

One would expect the second half to be better as Sai Dharam Tej's cameo is in the offing. However, second half turns utterly terrible and even Tej's special appearance couldn't save it. His character is poorly etched and it hardly makes any impact due to badly conceived scenes. Climax is a slog. The film is an exhausting experience to its viewers as it never rises above the mediocrity at any point.

Adding to the poor script and pointless direction, artistes performances are alarmingly over the top that the film endlessly puts the audience patience to test. There is not a single point that makes Nakshatram sparkle for a bit. If first half is bad, the second half is terrible and there are no words to describe the pathetic climax. One would keep wondering what happened to the 'creative director' that have created some cinematic gems in the past.

On a whole, Nakshatram is the kind of a film that makes you regret for choosing to watch it over all other options. Watch it at your own risk!

Verdict: Fading Star.