Review: Pandem Kodi 2

| Action, Drama | 2018-10-19

Vishal, Keerthy Suresh, Varalakshmi, Raj Kiran and others

Director - N Linguswamy
Producer - Vishal, Tagore Madhu
Banner - Light House Makers
Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Pandem Kodi 2 is a sequel to super hit film Pandem Kodi that was released more than twelve years ago. Director Linguswamy and Vishal teamed up again for the sequel. Despite keeping the key characters intact, Pandem Kodi 2 lacked the spark and spirit of the original.

What is it about?

Rajareddy (Raj Kiran) promises to save the only man remaining in a family that has turned out to be the foes for Bhavani (Varalakshmi) who is on a mission to avenge her husband's death. Rajareddy's son Balu (Vishal) who returns from US also turns out to be the protector. But Bhavani and her family vows to kill that guy during the village festival that is happening after a gap of seven years. Can Balu and Rajareddy keep their word and save him from Bhavani's gang?


Vishal is at home playing the action hero. He looks the same even after twelve years. Keerthy Suresh is very good as a bubbly village girl. Her character is modeled after Meera Jasmine's from the original and Keerthy does it with ease. She also took time to dub for her character. Raj Kiran's performance is good as usual. Varalakshmi is impressive as the antagonist.


Linguswamy's wafer thin story isn't enough to make it an engaging film. He handled the action scenes well, but fails to get the formula right in sequel. Half baked script and poorly etched out characters are the main culprits. There are a couple of sequences where Linguswamy shines. Fight scene in the middle of the festival has been composed well. Avoiding a fight after so much build up by introducing the villain from the original is a nice touch.

Yuvan's music is loud. Songs are heavily loaded with Tamil flavor and background score is a rehash of Yuvan's previous works. Cinematography is impressive. Action director Arasu does a commanding job. Production values are adequate.

Thumbs Up:



A couple of fight scenes

Thumbs Down:

Boring second half

Lackluster direction

Pathetic climax


Setting whole story around a village festival might have sounded exciting on paper. But such ideas need to be backed by an engaging screenplay to make them work. Linguswamy made it a passable fare by mixing all the needed commercial elements in the first half. A couple of action scenes and the hero-heroine romance track are enough to keep the audiences invested in the happenings.

Even the interval episode has been done well as it sets the mood for a power packed second half. Second half starts well but loses steam as Linguswamy commits many errors. Firstly, the entertaining romantic track is sidelined because of the melodrama and secondly the antagonist's weaknesses keep getting exposed at multiple instances. Weak villain neither builds tension nor engages the audience.

Except for a scene or two, entire second half is extremely boring to watch. Even the action episodes turn monotonous by that time. With romance track getting sidelined, there is little to no scope for entertainment. Linguswamy messes the climax with many ridiculous scenes. A sequel cannot get worse than this. Vishal's love for action films is justified, but he should stick to doing different films like Abhimanyudu than making such insipid action movies. Pandem Kodi 2 may attract masses during the festive weekend, but wouldn't go the distance due to lack of substance.

Verdict: Messed up Sequel!