Movie Review: Sarkar

| Action | 2018-11-06

Vijay, Keerthy Suresh, Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar and others

Director - Murugadoss
Producer - Kalanidhi Maran
Banner - Sun Pictures
Music - AR Rahman

Tamil Superstar Vijay and star director Murugadoss teamed up again for Sarkar after delivering back to back blockbusters with Tupaki and Kathi. This time Murugadoss comes up with a script that is in tune with Vijay's political ambitions. As always, the director makes sure to load it with masala elements and fan moments.

What is it about?

Sundar (Vijay) is an NRI who is the CEO of a number one software firm. He comes to India to cast his vote during state assembly elections and comes to know that the vote was misused. He goes to the court of law and after a series of events the elections get canceled and re-election is conducted in fifteen days. Meanwhile the ruling party rubs shoulders with Vijay on his wrong side that he takes up the challenge to contest the elections.


Vijay as always plays it to the galleries with his mannerisms and antics. His performance is a feast for fans. For others it is strictly okay performance from the senior Tamil actor. Keerthy Suresh has little role to play in this political drama. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar shines as the politician with evil strategies. Radha Ravi is good as CM's trusted aide. The actor who played the role of the CM is believable.


Murugadoss has taken up a social issue that is ignored by the law and public. He has mixed commercial elements and loaded the film with whistle-worthy moments for a subject with social awareness. However, he has failed to give a believable solution to the issue and goes overboard in second half.

Rahman's songs are passable, but the background score is on point. Cinematography is splendid. Action directors did a fabulous job in composing thrilling action episodes. Editing could have been better. The film is over long and gets boring at times. Production values are very good.

Thumbs Up:

First half

Action scenes



Thumbs Down:

Unrealistic second half


Tamil flavor


Murugadoss's last film Kathi with Vijay had the right mix of commercial elements and a social issue. He tries to repeat the formula in Sarkar with a subject that is focused upon Tamilnadu politics. The point has been established well in the initial scenes without missing out on masala elements. First half has many powerful and relatable scenes with Murugadoss in full control on the script and proceedings. It has been an entertaining ride until the interval without any hiccups.

However, Murugadoss made a big mistake by glorifying the actor than focusing on the issue in the second half. He has gone overboard in dealing with a sensitive topic like politics with unrealistic scenes. Ruling party leaders with vast political experience have been shown as mere puppets. No political leader deals with his opponents like the way it is shown in Sarkar. The film that touched a relevant topic and remained realistic until the first half in spite of masala elements, suddenly turned out to be a total mindless commercial potboiler during the second half.

It picks up and gets back on track during the pre climax sequences when Varalakshmi enters the scene. However, director Murugadoss continued to take unrealistic approach with hero's victory over the villains. A well thought out second half would have made Sarkar one of the best films in recent times. But Murugadoss is definitely not in his best form in dealing with the second half. Despite the shortcomings, Sarkar will appeal to masses and people that love to watch political dramas to an extent. Vijay fans will get satisfied with Sarkar but others may not approve it's over the top second half.

Verdict: Rise and Fall of 'Sarkar'