Movie Review: 2.0

| | 2018-11-29

Rajanikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson and others

Director - Shankar
Producer - A Subaskaran
Banner - Lyca Productions
Music - AR Rahman

The most awaited movie of the year 2.0 is out in theaters now. The sensational duo Shankar and Rajanikanth is back after Robo with its sequel 2.0. While the original was a film made for the regional audience, 2.0 is aimed at the international audience. It is India's first super hero film that sets the bar very high than anyone could imagine.

What is it about?

Cell phones keep vanishing from the hands of people, which panics the public and government. Some of the VIPs also get killed in a mysterious way and scientist Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) proposes to bring Chitti the Robot (Rajinikanth) back to life. Chitti comes and counters the evil power, a giant bird. He succeeds to contain it, but it escapes with bigger powers. Is there a plan B? 2.0 is the answer to it. But who is behind the giant bird? What is the reason for targeting mobile phones?


Rajanikanth's superstardom is an added bonus for 2.0 to reach the larger audience. He is fine as Vaseegaran and Chitti. But he sets the screen on fire as 2.0. There is another surprise package too. Akshay Kumar is never seen in his usual look. He is impressive as the villain fighting for a good cause. His act as the old man, a social activist is very good. Amy Jackson makes an impression with her stunning looks.


Shankar believed that the character Chitti has the super hero potential and he has worked a script around the idea. He had a clear aim to make an Indian movie with truly international standards. It is not easy to achieve something that Shankar has done in 2.0. His imaginative skills and his vision is second to none. Shankar, who usually tries to tick all the boxes of a commercial film, made sure to avoid the nonsense and focused on the spectacle.

Rahman's background music is world class and so is the cinematography. Shankar avoided songs in the narrative, but the song that comes during the end titles leaves us wanting for more. Visual effects are not breathtaking but definitely good compared to Indian cinema standards. Production values are supreme. Producers trusted in Shankar's vision and had spent a fortune in making it.

Thumbs Up:

Final battle sequence

Chitti's Reloaded and Re-reloaded versions

Shankar's imagination

Visual excellence

Technical aspects

Thumbs Down:

Too little story

An okayish first half


Shankar always picks a cause that is relatable as the main theme. This time he discusses about the harm that we are doing to nature by using mobile phones. Extensive use of mobile phones is harming in nature in a way that we couldn't even realize. Mobile network companies using high frequencies that are dangerous to nature has been pointed out in 2.0. The film is based on this socially relatable topic, but Shankar makes a superhero film out of it.

A fifth force rises against the humans and the man has to counter it with a super hero. Chitti - The Robot is rebooted to contain it. The sequences involving the bird and Chitti are engaging. However, the first half of the film seems a bit clumsy with the bird and cell phones going on a rampage without any reason. The narrative gets on track once the motive and back story is revealed. It is non-stop action once 2.0 enters the scene.

Rajanikanth's antics and mannerisms are highly entertaining in this part. Shankar packs in some very good surprises during the lengthy final duel, which not only thrills but also leave a lasting impact on its viewers. Thankfully, Shankar didn't insert any songs into the narrative even for commercial reasons. The terrifically visualized and executed action sequences are breathtaking to watch. Kids will have a blast watching 2.0 in action.

However, the ending seems a bit hurried with not much resistance offered from the evil bird. 2.0 has its weaknesses, but the visual experience overpowers them. Films like 2.0 are very rarely made, in fact it is the first of its kind on Indian screen. That itself is enough to make it worth watching only on the big screens. Kudos to Shankar and his team for coming up with groundbreaking stuff. Go watch it.           

Verdict: 2.0 - Giant size entertainment!