Movie Review: Kavacham

| | 2018-12-07

Bellamkonda Srinivas, Kajal Agarwal, Mehreen Prizada, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Mukesh Rushi, Ajay and others

Director - Sreenivas Mamilla
Producer - Naveen Chowdary Sontineni
Banner - Vamsadhara Creations
Music - Thaman

Bellamkonda Srinivas who is in search of a hit dons police uniform in Kavacham directed by debutant Sreenivas Mamilla. The film has an intriguing plot but turns clumsy due to unnecessary commercial elements.

What is it about?

Vijay (Srinivas) is a sincere cop who saves anybody who is in trouble. He falls in love with a coffee shop girl Samyuktha (Kajal) who mysteriously disappears from his life. Then comes Lavanya (Mehreen) who gets cheated by her boyfriend. Lavanya plots a kidnap drama when Vijay is in need of money for his mother's operation. However, things take an unexpected turn and Vijay turns out to be the prime suspect in the missing case of Samyuktha.


Bellamkonda Srinivas's toned physique suits the role of a cop, but his performance is not up to the mark. He is in his elements in action scenes and songs, but struggling to give right expressions in romantic and comedy scenes. Kajal Agarwal has a limited role to play and she is alright. Mehreen doesn't get usual run of the mill character and she did okay within her limitations. Neil Nitin Mukesh looks stylish but his character is badly written. Posani's loud comedy fails to click.


Sreenivas Mamilla tried to make it an out and out commercial entertainer that turned out to be an over the top cop thriller with needless fights and pointless punch dialogs. The film could have been subtler and simple without all the unnecessary stuff.
None of the songs are impressive and the background score is needlessly thumping. Cinematography also makes it look like a nineties film. Production values are good, but the producer should have invested in a good script.

Thumbs Up:

Kajal's glamour

A couple of action scenes

Thumbs Down:





Telugu cinema audience were treated to hundreds of action films in which the protagonist plays the police character. Kavacham starts like a regular police film with the hero flexing his muscles in every other scene. Director takes the 'protector' part pretty seriously and keeps on inserting scenes where the police beats the bad guys to pulp. The screenplay is pointless in the first half with needless fights and songs scattered all over. Interval sequence is interesting though.

Second half has the makings of an engaging thriller, but the director refuses to come out of the commercial mould. Hero is shown like a superman with super powers, which never poses any danger to him nor the people around him. Villain kept in the dark until pre climax is another blunder as there is no real challenge for the protagonist until that point. There's no hope even after the villain is revealed because of the senselessness in executing certain scenes.

A police officer caught in the web of an anonymous criminal can be made into an interesting thriller. It could have been an intriguing film like Dhruva, but the ideologies and execution seems to be stuck in the nineties that Kavacham turns out to be an unending action saga. At least climax fight could have been avoided to give audience some respite, but Kavacham doesn't stop until delivering the knockout punch.

Verdict: Needlessly Loud and Unbearably Clumsy