Falaknuma Das Review

2:30 | Action-Drama | 2019-05-31

Vishwak Sen, Saloni Mishra, Uttej, Tharun Bhascker and others

Director - Vishwak Sen
Producer - Karate Raju
Banner - Vanmaye Creations
Music - Vivek Sagar

Falaknuma Das is a small film that turned heads with its captivating promos. The raw milieu, the lingo and the devil may care attitude of the leading man has been the selling point of Falaknuma Das an official remake of Malayalam cult film Angamaly Dairies.

What is it about?

The film is about few Hyderabadi youngsters who take up mutton business in Falaknuma. A war breaks out between two gangs when the good guys enter the business zone of bad guys. Das (Vishwak Sen) accidentally kills a guy from opposite gang, which puts him and his friends in never ending troubles.


Vishwak Sen is perfect fit as the Hyderabadi youth. He has got everything right about the character. Saloni Sharma makes an impression among the girls. Uttej gets a meaty role and he pulls it off like a pro. Pelli Chupulu director Tharun Bhascker stole the show as the police man. Hero's gang members and the actors who played as bad guys are impressive.


Vishwak Sen makes a faithful remake that is a carbon copy of the original. However, he has gone overboard with the lengthy shots that are absolutely not needed in many an instance. His direction is good in the initial portions, but loses grip over the narrative post intermission.

A couple of songs are energetic, but it is just an average musical score on the whole. Background score is good. Cinematography is the best thing about Falaknuma Das. Most of the shots are identical to the original, but the hand held camera work in fight scenes is a treat to watch. It is very realistic and life like. Thumbs up to the cinematographer. Dialogue is terrific, but editing could have been crisp.  

Thumbs Up:

First thirty minutes

Interval Block

Thumbs Down:

Second half




Despite staying faithful to the original, Falaknuma Das is stretched at least by twenty five minutes, which ultimately turned out to be its biggest flaw. Original's runtime was below 130 minutes and this one goes over the 150 minute mark. This is mostly because of the lengthy scenes that are stretched for no reason. First half is racy with lot of action and tension filled sequences. But second half is slow paced and borderline boring with all the characters turning uncharacteristically passive.

Thanks to the original, initial portions of Falaknuma Das are fairly entertaining. However, meat business leading to gang wars is a bit unrealistic. But those scenes are very raw and intense. The story occasionally breaks into romance mode that totally looks out of place in this setting. They should have taken care about the love track(s) and also the female actors don't impress much. This is essentially a men's film with lot of expletives (mostly censored). There is not enough focus on the important female characters too. They are restricted to mere extras in key situations.

Another problem with Falaknuma Das is with its representation of Telangana culture. People fighting over trivial issues like a plate of 'boti curry' is very unrealistic. Also people are seen munching mutton and boozing all the time. Falaknuma Das falls flat on its face in the second half and it doesn't pick up from there. The film turns very serious in the second hour with little to engage. Story doesn't move forward from the intermission point and the lack of resources make it look drab and dull in the climax sequence that was one of the major highlights of the original.

On the whole, Falaknuma Das has a few sparks here and there, but falls short when it matters the most. The film generated enough buzz to get decent openings, which should help it to recover its low costs.

Verdict: Falaknuma Derails!