Karthikeya & Eesha Rebba In Chiru’s Campaign

After surprising everyone with an awareness song on coronavirus back in April for Corona Crisis Charity, now Megastar Chiranjeevi has come up with yet another video campaign. This time, he urged Telugu people to wear masks and two young actors have joined him to take the message further.

Today Megastar has released two videos, featuring young heroine Eesha Rebba and hero Karthikeya Reddy in each one of them. In one video, when Karthikeya is twirling his moustache, Chiru gives him a message that wearing the mask is the right form of masculinity at the moment. In another video, while Eesha is smearing that bright red lipstick on her lovely lips, Chiru appears to say that wearing a mask will keep that smile on her lips forever.

Chiru says that the comment made by WHO Chief Dr Tedros that it is going to get very worse in the coming days if people don’t wear masks and stop spreading of the Covid-19 has inspired him to come up with this video. He urged everyone to wear a mask, save their own families and then help save the country.

As we are speaking, India’s Covid-19 positive cases crossed the 9.7 lakhs mark, while Telangana has 39K+ cases and Andhra Pradesh registered 35K+ positive cases.