AHA’s Midas Touch To Tollywood

When Allu Arvind and Ramu Rao Jupally’s aha was launched just ahead of the pandemic, it surely had a shaky start. With hardly any content and then production coming to a stop with the COVID situation, there seemed like no way to go ahead.

And it does come as a surprise then that in around a year, aha has managed to cross over 1 million subscribers. More importantly, they seemed to have move from the ones with the tough luck to the ones who are proving to be a lucky charm.

To anyone who is following the platform’s journey, it is not missable that they seem to have a lucky hand on everything they acquire. From a film like Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna which was in the shelves for over 2 years to the latest Naandi, any film that the platform considers is surely managing to hit the bullseye.

While Krack was purchased ahead of its release when there was no certainty as to how it would do in the big screens, aha went ahead to buy Naandi’s digital rights as well before release and now the film has proved to be a hit.

Since the lockdown happened in March 2020, one thing that surely is to be noted is how aha has cracked the formula to super hits. Be it films like Colour Photo or Johaar that drove a huge chunk of audience to the platform or very recent films like Mail and Super Over, aha is surely miles ahead in comparison to their competitor OTTs who paid big money but failed to score blockbusters.
Is this just beginners’ luck or will this stream keep going? Only time will tell.

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