Modi's Huge Shock To His Guru Advani

Modi's Huge Shock To His Guru Advani

Narendra Modi has given a rude shock to his guru Lal Krishna Advani. Narendra Modi has fielded BJP chief Amit Shah from Gandhi Nagar parliament constituency, which is currently being represented by LK Advani.

LK Advani was considered as the No.2 in the party after Vajpayee. He had served as Deputy Prime Minister and Union Home Minister besides leading the party from the fore in crucial, tough times. Advani's Rath Yatras were quite popular. The popular saying in BJP goes like this: "After Atal Ji, there is only Advani Ji"

After Narendra Modi and Amit Shah duo took over the reigns of BJP, the twain has been giving back-to-back shocks to the veterans in the party. Advani has been kept out of any prominent post in the last 5 years. Many in the party thought Advani would be made country's president, but Modi and Shah had different plans leaving the BJP patriarch behind. By denying Lok Sabha seat to Advani in the first list of candidates announced by BJP today, severe criticism is pouring in from Opposition Congress leaders who are blaming Modi & Shah.

If PM Narendra Modi cannot respect party's senior-most leader LK Advani, how will he respect the wishes of the people? Congress has shot a direct question to Modi & Shah and trying to corner them after BJP dropped LK Advani's name in the list of its Lok Sabha candidates.

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