Sakshi TV Crawls To 3rd Place: What Does It Indicate?

Sakshi TV Crawls To 3rd Place: What Does It Indicate?

Despite the fluctuation in ratings, Telugu news channel TV9 always stands in the top, followed by NTV, TV5, V6 and Sakshi TV. And then, Sakshi lost its 5th place as well in the recent times with some other channels like 10TV, HMTV and also ABN occupying the slot. Here's the twist, however.

According to latest reports, though TV9 amassed the top place as usual followed by NTV, Sakshi TV is said to have reached the third place. And going by this, fans of YSR Congress are indicating that people are moving towards Jagan and Andhra Pradesh is going to vote him to power. Others are wondering if that argument is true.

Some see it this way: As elections are approaching fast, people are trying to find out who said what and how. And as everyone wants to see Jagan's comments as well on Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan, there is a growing demand for Sakshi channel. However, we have to say that Sakshi not just crawled to third, but also grabbed some share from the top player if we look at the numbers.

With elections just a week to go, we have to see what is going to be the mood of the public and what fate they are likely to award upon the political honchos.

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