Did TDP cadre mobilise Women voters?

Did TDP cadre mobilise Women voters?

The high voter turnout in Andhra Pradesh and especially women stay at the polling booths until early hours next day has come as a pleasant surprise for everyone across the country. Despite malfunctioning of EVMs reported from many places, Election Commission's laxity, many voters returned to the booths before 6 pm after an appeal was made to them.

While there has been news that high women turnout could indicate a pro-incumbency wave favouring the Telugu Desam Party, sources say that the TDP cadre has secretly mobilised women to ensure that they stay at the booths until their vote is cast. Most of the women who turned up at the booths are the beneficiaries of Pasupu Kumkuma scheme while the others turned up duo to gratitude towards the government.

Within minutes after the TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu made an appeal to voters, the TDP cadre mobilised across the state to motivate women to ensure that their vote is cast at the booth. In a coordinated efforts, entire party cadre made sure that these women and other voters get to the booths and stay there after the Chief election officer said that they would allow polling for all those who stay at the booths till 6 pm.

So, going by such huge mobilisation, will TDP have an advantage over the YSR Congress party which is already making arrangements for the big day? May 23rd will have the answer.

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