Beauty Secrets Of Samantha’s Luminous Skin

Among a plethora of beautiful actresses, Samantha Akkineni is one such star in the South whose skin is admired and idolized by all. She has flawless-looking skin sans makeup. And we can vouch for that as she is often seen flaunting her bare face on Instagram and other social media handles. Samantha also shares vague details of her skin routines sporadically with her followers. Her glowing and dewy skin is something every girl daydreams or fantasizes about.

Samantha also keeps her fitness routine on point and makes sure to workout at least five days a week. In fact, her social media is all about her skincare routine, fitness, and healthy diet. In addition, Samantha stays away from harsh-chemical products and opts for organic skincare alternatives, nourishing her skin deep within. As we know, Sam’s routine is quite hectic, but that doesn’t mean she skips her skin routine for the day. A couple of times before, it was observed that she pamper her skin while travelling for a shoot, and some of her Instagram pictures show her donning instant face sheets.

During her film Majili days, the actress took a wheatgrass shot in a car and posted the picture on Instagram. This means, she also takes her magic drinks on time no matter what. As morning routine, Samantha takes lettuce, spinach and celery smoothie, keeping her collagen intact. The actress reiterated the importance of collagen in many of her fitness interviews. During the lockdown, Samantha swore by yoga and did Surya Nmaaskars each day for 108 times. She also followed a 48-day yoga routine of the Isha kriya journey, which also has a great impact on skin’s health and glow.

One thing that we can comprehend is there is no short cut method. A lot of vegetables (especially greens), fruits, nuts, algae masks and cold-pressed drinks are vital to have flawless skin. And, Samantha does all of this religiously thus making her a crowd-puller!

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