Sheila Dikshit funeral cost is just Rs 500

Sheila Dikshit funeral cost is just Rs 500

The last rites of three-time Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit who passed away on Saturday (July 20) were held in the capital city's oldest cremation ground, Nigambodh Ghat on Sunday.

Sheila was cremated using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) method and this was her wish when she was alive," said her son and Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit. The cost of Sheila's funeral was just Rs 500.

In the traditional way, the cost of a quintal of wood is about Rs 1000 while for the electric crematorium, it would cost around Rs 1200. But it causes a lot of pollution.

Having served as CM for 15 years, Sheila brought many policies to curb the pollution in the national capital. In 2007, Sheila introduced CNG buses in public transport and later set up CNG crematorium which is also affordable.

Even after her death, Sheila has set an example of how down to earth a politician should be. Hats off!