Serial Actor Chandu Dies By Suicide

The recent incident of television actor Pavithra Jayaram’s death by road accident shocked the television industry. Today, in a shocking incident another actor Chandu who was a co-star of Pavithra Jayaram died by suicide.

Chandu acted alongside Pavithra Jayaram as her husband in the television serial Trinayani. Chandu reportedly died by suicide in his residence at Manikonda. Chandrakanth and Pavithra Jayaram have been living together for some time.

Chandu reportedly hanged himself in the same residence when he and Pavithra Jayaram lived together. Chandrakanth is heard to have deeply upset and depressed with Pavithra Jayaram’s sudden demise. Chandrakanth was in the car when Pavithra Jayaram died in the road accident. Chandrakanth in a recent interview said he and Pavithra wanted to make their relationship official after their Bengaluru trip.

Pavithra Jayaram was married and separated earlier. She had two children. Chandu aka Chandrakanth also was married and had two children.