Review – 3 Roses

Streaming On : AHA
Director: Maggi
Cast: Eesha Rebba, Payal Rajput, Purnaa, Prince, Sangeet Shoban, Viva Harsha
Producer: SKN
Music: Sunny
Release Date: 12-11-2021

Maruthi has turned showrunner for a web series called 3 Roses. SKN has produced it and stars like Esha Rebba, Payal Rajput, and Poorna play female leads in this show which is directed by Maggi and the first four episodes of the series is out on AHA.


The show is based on the lives of Ritu(Esha Rebba), Jahnvi(Payal Rajput), and Indu(Poorna). All three are modern and free-spirited women who lead happy individual life. Things get problematic as each of them is forced by their family to tie the knot. What happens when such bold girls get into the trap of marriage and how they deal with this new tension in life is the basic crux of 3 Roses.


Poorna gets a role that reminds women of their age to get married. Her comedy timing and the way she shows the frustration looks good on screen. Payal Rajput looks cool but goes a bit overboard in her performance. There was no need for her to overact so much. But the one who makes some sense is Esha Rebba. She looks and plays the role of an independent corporate woman with perfection. Viva Harsha evokes good laughs but his comedy is filled with sleaze. Satyam Rajesh and Ravi Varma play their parts well.


The show is filled with glitz and glamor which is new for the Telugu OTT audience. The setup and the way each story has its own issues are set up well. In a way, 3 Roses is loosely based on the Hindi show Four More Shots Please and Maruthi has rehashed it here and there. However, the writing is not that crisp as the proceedings look a bit forced on the audience. As it is the OTT outing, the dialogues have been kept bold. The styling, camerawork, and the way Hyderabad is showcased look posh. The BGM could have been better though.

Thumbs Up

Production values
Eesha Rebba
A few comedy scenes

Thumbs Down

Patchy Narration
Weak emotions


As the title suggests, the show is presented from the heroines’ point of view. It showcases how today’s girls are not in a space to marry any Tom Dick and Harry. The whole show is based on this aspect and has some good comedy generated in the initial episodes.

The Pelli Choopulu scene between Viva Harsha and Eesh Rebba is hilarious. The show is filled with such fun moments. Well, where does it go wrong? The show falls short of expectations in the emotional department. Though director Maggie tries hard to connect it to today’s youth, the emotional angle in the show is not elevated much.

The pain that the characters go through is not brought out properly. Talking about the supporting cast, they overact in many scenes making the show look over the top.

Finally, the drama in the four-episode 3 Roses is forced and there is a mixed bag kind of a feel. The show has glitz, glamor, and stars but falls short of engaging drama. However, to take a final call, we have to wait for the next four episodes of the series which will be released next week.

Bottom Line – Forced Web Drama