US: H1-B Visa Grace Period Extended From 60 to 180 Days

In a piece of big news related to H1-B visas, the grace period for skilled workers on H1-B visas who lost their jobs is extended from 60 to 180 days and it was approved at the White House Initiative on AA and NHPIs meeting today. It will be announced by USCIS in about 3 months.

This is a big sigh of relief for more than 100,000 workers on H1-B affected due to layoffs in the US. The H1-B grace period recommendation voting is done today and will be implemented by the administrative body soon.

Earlier, the presidential advisory sub-committee recommended the federal government extend the grace period for H1-B workers who have lost their jobs, from the existing 60 days to 180 days so the workers have enough opportunities to find a new job or other alternatives.

There was another recommendation to grant an EAD and travel documents to all approved I-140 applicants after 5 years. The committee had a long discussion and the vote was postponed to the next meeting in July.