US: 5 Dead In Texas ‘Execution Style’ Shooting

A suspect armed with an AR-15-style rifle killed five people in a Texas home. The horrific killings were ‘execution style’ shootings.

The authorities found several victims including three females and two males, among which there was an 8-year-old boy. Two female victims were discovered in the bedroom lying on top of two surviving children.

Police said the shooting happened after neighbors asked the suspect to stop shooting his gun in the front yard because there was a baby trying to sleep. He reportedly said, ‘I will do what I want to in my front yard’ and the harassment quickly escalated to a shooting very quickly.

The suspect is identified by police as 39-year-old Francisco Oropeza and police are hunting for him. A judge has issued an arrest warrant for Oropeza and assigned a $5 million bond. The suspect is believed to have left by walking or on a bicycle.

The incident occurred at 11.:31 pm On Friday when officials from San Jacinto Country Sehriff’s office received a call about harassment in Cleveland town, 55 miles away from Houston.

Police also found the .223 shell casings in the front yard where the suspect was shooting earlier.