Jahnavi Kandula Verdict: KTR Reacts Angrily

The disheartening demise of Telugu-born Jaahnavi Kandula after a Seattle Police Department officer Kevin Dave hit her with a police car in Seattle, drew to a disappointing conclusion. The King County prosecutor’s office didn’t enforce any criminal charges on the police officer in question and cited “lack of substantiated evidence” as the reason.

The decision by the prosecutor’s office enraged not just the paining family and friends but also the Telugu community in the U.S.

BRS working president KTR, who has an active presence on social media and has the tendency to react to burning topics has reacted on this verdict and he looks extremely infuriated.

KTR called the judgement “Disgraceful & absolutely unacceptable !”. He demanded the Indian Embassy to take up the matter with US Government authorities and deliver justice to the family of young Jaahnavi Kandula.

“It is tragic that the life of a a youngster with soaring ambitions has been cut short but what’s more tragic is the callous disregard for justice to the victim” KTR remarked through his tweet. He demanded the External Affairs Minister Ravi Shankar to push for an investigation on the matter.

KTR’s firstly statement is in correspondence to the reaction of the Telugu community after the verdict came out. The family of the deceased also said they feel betrayed by the Washington law system.