US: Man Takes Gun Off Aggressive Subway Rider In NY, Shoots Him

In a horrifying incident on a train in New York City, a man pulled a gun from an aggressive commuter and shot him in the head.

Many videos from the cabin where the incident happened, went viral on social media. The passengers trembled in fear until the train stopped and they ran in all directions once the doors were opened.

The incident happened during Thursday evening rush hour. Violence erupted when a 32-year-old man was provocatively confronted by a 36-year-old passenger after boarding the train at Nostrand Avenue station at 4:45 pm.

It soon turned into a physical fight with the 36-year-old flashing a razor blade knife and eventually pulling out a gun. He further attacked the other man and started beating him. When the aggressive man pulled out a gun from his jacket, the 32-year-old managed to grab it from him and fired multiple shots.

At least four shots were heard in the viral video. The shooter was arrested before he even stepped on the platform. The injured man was undergoing surgery and was in critical condition.

The arrested man was not charged yet. There are no details yet about if his shooting would be considered as a self-defense.