US: Four Indians Charged In Human Trafficking Case In Texas

In a shocking incident, four Indian individuals were issued arrest warrants by Texas police in a human trafficking case. The Princeton police charged them after finding 15 adult females in the location and also finding that many adult males were the victims of forced labor in a different location.

According to the media release of the Princeton Police Department, the police were dispatched to Ginsburg Lane on March 13, 2024, to a residence regarding a welfare concern and suspicious circumstances. The Princeton Police CID detectives obtained a search warrant for the home of Santhosh Kaktoori and found 15 adult females.

It was discovered during the investigation that these females were forced to work for Kaktoori and multiple programming shell companies owned by him and his wife, Dwaraka Gunda. The police seized multiple laptops, cell phones, printers, and fraudulent documents.

It was later determined that multiple locations within Princeton, Melissa, and McKinney were involved in the forced laboring of the victims, including adult males. The electronics were examined and the police confirmed the details of the operations. The arrest warrants were issued for Santhosh Kaktoori, Dwaraka Gunda, Chandan Dasireddy, and Anil Male and they were charged with Trafficking of Persons, Second-Degree Felony.

In the back story, it is heard that the Pest control guy called cops after seeing many individuals working in an apartment. When police questioned the ‘victims’ they reportedly said they are being forced to work for the four people who actually own and run the Dallas-based Indian Consultancy.