Hebah Rocks Sleeveless Saree with Sass

Kumari 21F heroine Hebah Patel is turning heads in a stunning lilac saree. The delicate shade is accentuated by intricate silver sequin work, adding a touch of glamour. The sleeveless blouse complements the saree perfectly, and the statement bangles add a pop of color.

Hebah’s makeup is minimal yet impactful. A touch of pink lipstick, black mascara, and pink eyeliner enhance her natural beauty. Keeping her hair open adds a touch of elegance to the entire look. The silver forehead ornament, a traditional piece of jewelry, completes the ensemble.

Hebah is not only known for her captivating looks but also for her acting prowess. She has a packed schedule ahead, with special song appearances and cameos lined up in films like ‘Sasana Sabha’ and ‘Odela Railway Station 2’. She’s also busy filming several Telugu and Tamil movies, showcasing her versatility across industries.