Modi: After Vaccination We Become ‘Bahubali’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dubs vaccinated people in India as “Bahubali” and said that more than 40 crore people have taken at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Just ahead of the Monsoon session of Parliament, Modi said “Vaccine is given in ‘bahu’ (arms), those who take it become ‘Bahubali’. So far more than 40 crore people have become Bahubali in the fight against coronavirus.”

Talking about the parliament, he said that the government is looking forward to a “disciplined” and “constructive” discussion over the coronavirus pandemic. Modi said the discussion will be a priority and get constructive suggestions from all MPs in order to gather beneficial approaches to combat Covid.

Modi further said that he would be asking important questions to all the MPs and all the parties and in turn, expects everyone to allow the government to respond, in a disciplined environment. “This will boost democracy, strengthen people’s trust and improve pace of development,” he added.

After his speech, netizens pointed out how Modi removed his mask to speak for the cameras. While a few others argued that what Modi was talking about is unnecessary and instead, should have spoken on the possible third wave. Modi also used sharyaris/poems in between which became fodder for trolls. “Is he a PM or a Bollywood script dialogue writer?” asks a Twitter user.