VH’s Hilarious Dig At PM Modi

Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao extended solidarity to the Vizag steel plant employees who are protesting in New Delhi against the privatisation. On Tuesday, the protest of employees witnessed leaders of various political parties. TDP MPs Rammohan Naidu, Kesineni Nani, CPI Sitaram Yechury and VH addressed the protest.

Like always VH attracted with his speech talking about the facts. “Our young MP Rammohan Naidu said he is ready to resign if needed. But the situation is critical and all Andhra MPs should resign else PM Narendra Modi led union government will go ahead with privatisation,” said VH.

Then VH mocked PM Modi. “Some years back Modi called all the businessmen of Gujarat and informed them that it’s his dream to become the PM of India. But the businessmen kept one condition to Modi and it is to sign wherever they ask after becoming the PM. Modi thought what is the big deal in a simple signature? Now all the businessmen of Gujarat are taking over many projects and contracts across the country.”

The Congress leader also added that this privatisation plan was even before the 2019 elections and people of AP had no clue about this. “The only way the privatisation can be stopped is, all the 25 MPs should resign and attract the nation’s interest. Else these protests are pointless,” said VH.

It is commendable on VH to support the protest of employees and yes it is absolutely true that only if the 25 MPs resign, the Modi government may rethink its decision on privatisation.

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