Pawan Kalyan Furious With BJP Over Stand On Jagan

JanaSena and Bharatiya Janata Party, which are currently in alliance recently took part in a coordination committee meeting to discuss their future course of action. Amid rumors that BJP and JanaSena were looking to severe ties and act independently in Andhra Pradesh, this meeting caught the attention of political circles.

Apparently, BJP asked Pawan Kalyan to turn more proactive in Andhra Pradesh politics. The saffron party asked the Janasena chief to hold public meetings on a regular basis rather than confining to occasional visits to select constituencies in the state.

Even Pawan Kalyan had a thing or two to say against the BJP. He was furious with the BJP high command for its stand on YSRCP chief and the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan.

Pawan questioned the BJP bigwigs why they aren’t actively opposing Jagan on public platforms. “BJP is not taking a firm stand against Jagan. You(BJP leaders) are only making media statements against Jagan. You should also hold various public meetings and protest events to irk the Jagan government,” he said.

Pawan wants the BJP high command to come down hard on Jagan and he made his intentions clear in the meeting. He asked the saffron part leaders to reveal their exact stand on Jagan.

While BJP wants Pawan Kalyan to be more proactive in politics, the latter wants the saffron party to come up with anti-Jagan agenda. The two parties seem to be acting with varied interests.

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