#DalitBandhu: KCR Sanctions Another Rs 500 Cr

A week after launching the flagship welfare scheme ‘Dalita Bandhu’ in Huzurabad, Telangana CM KCR has sanctioned another Rs 500 crore to the constituency. Earlier the TRS government sanctioned Rs 500 crore and now the total makes up to Rs 1000 crore.

From the Telangana CMO sources, KCR will be sanctioning an additional Rs 1000 crore next week and whole together it would make up to Rs 2000 crore. But so far only 15 beneficiaries have received the ‘Dalit Bandhu’ money while the Karimnagar district administration is still figuring out the number of Dalits on the constituency.

This move by KCR might be in the wake of Election Commission of India (ECI) planning to finalise the by-election schedule and so the TRS government is in a rush to sanction as much funds as possible so that the election-code may not create hurdles for its implementation.

Yet the TRS government is still considering ‘Dalit Bandhu’ as a pilot project and it is yet to roll out all over the state. Due to this, there are demands for ‘BC Bandhu’ and from other communities. TRS ministers and MLAs are facing the wrath of the public to implement the scheme in respective constituencies.

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