On War with Eenadu, ABN and TV5: Jagan

AP CM YS Jagan stated that his YCP government is in a war with media outlets Eenadu, ABN Andhra Jyothy and TV5. These channels are working with a political motive and the government administration and people of AP should be aware and alert of these channels and their campaigns against the state government.

Jagan made these comments in the Spandana event graced by Collectors and Superintendent of Police officials. “Very recently a few unfortunate incidents took place in the state. But the media, especially Eenadu, ABN and TV5 are twisting these incidents and taking advantage of it. It’s really disastrous on part of a section of the media to bring in their own interpretations and make the issue even bigger,” said Jagan.

Recently an eve-teasing incident involving a Police Constable shot to the headlines. Reacting to this case, the constable was suspended from the services by the Police department. Appreciating the prompt response, Jagan complimented District Collectors and higher police officials.

“The administration and police department are addressing many issues on an emergency basis. Yet we are receiving criticism from a section of the media. A few channels have their own agenda and it was evident in the eve-teasing case. The media tried to defame the victim and her family which was totally unnecessary. But I commend the police and I would want them to continue doing what they are good at irrespective of the media trials,” said Jagan.

Jagan added that the three channels i.e, Eenadu, ABN and TV5 would do anything to place their own choice of politician in CM’s chair and for that they would go to any extent. But Jagan found fault in using the un-fated incidents.

There is nothing new in this and a majority of the media is completely against Jagan and his party YSRCP. When he was sworn in as CM, Jagan warned the media outlets that his government would not hesitate to drag media to the courts but nothing as such happened so far.

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