Traffic Free Tank Bund: Good Job KTR!

Tank Bund, one of the busiest stretches of the twin cities and during the weekends, vehicles pile up. When the weather is cloudy, Hyderabadis turn up at Tank Bund to enjoy the beauty and have some leisure. But then the traffic congestion is increasing with too many vehicular moments and on Sundays, it takes hours to clear the traffic and the cops sweat it out.

On August 24th, a Twitter user by name AshokChandrasekhar made a suggestion to restrict the traffic on Sundays at Tank Bund. Seems like KTR was convinced with the idea and he immediately directed Hyderabad Commissioner of Police to look into the possibilities of adopting this initiative.

As soon as the police received orders from KTR, they went on to launch in a week’s time and as the clock ticked 5 PM, all the vehicles leading to Tank Bund were completely restricted. The police were successful in implementing this new initiative while commuters were well informed in advance to avoid this stretch.

Kids who are mostly confined to their homes due to the Covid-19, stepped out and reached Tank Bund. As a result kids were seen skating on Tank Bund while parents were spotted clicking pictures and also taking selfies.

Pictures and videos of traffic free Tank Bund have surfaced on social media. Even KTR too shared a video and tweeted, “Glad Hyderabadis welcomed a new look & traffic free tank bund initiative that was piloted today.”

However, due to restriction of traffic at Tank Bund, traffic jam occurred at Lower Tank Bund, Liberity and Domalguda junctions.