KTR: This is what happens when Revanth leading the party

Last week Congress MP Shashi Tharoor visited Telangana and he inspected the T-hub and other proactive initiatives taken by the state government to boost Information Technology (IT). Tharoor poured compliments on the Telangana government for its IT initiatives and added that Telangana is setting an example for the rest of the country.

Well, Tharoor is the chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology and he made such comments while being in the position. But these comments did not go down well with T-PCC chief Revanth Reddy. In a press meet, Revanth lashed out at Tharoor and called the MP from Thiruvananthapuram, a donkey and should be expelled from the party.

Sharing newspaper clippings of Revanth’s comments, minister KTR objected to them. “As the chairman of the IT standing committee, Shashi Tharoor Ji had paid some compliments to the efforts of the Govt of Telangana recently,” tweeted KTR.

The IT minister further added, “His colleague in parliament & PCC Cheap calls him a Donkey!! This is what happens when you have a 3rd rate criminal/thug leading the party.”

There are many standing committees based on the subject matters and they do stay away from politics and think of inclusive growth as a nation. Revanth was clearly out of the line in his comments and should have avoided this, instead of targeting a senior leader. Revanth’s comments do damage to his own party rather than benefiting him.

Whereas KTR jumped on this and cornered Revanth smartly.