Congress or Private Company?: Jagga Reddy fumes on Revanth

Sangareddy MLA Jagga Reddy was also one of the aspirants for Telangana PCC chief post. But he was made Working President by the Congress high command and since then Jagga Reddy is keeping distance from the party. He did not attend a single Dalita-Girijana-Aadivaasi public meeting that Revanth had initiated.

Also Jagga Reddy is not on good terms with Revanth even though they had no differences. But on Friday, Jagga Reddy fumed on Revanth and the latter’s style of working. Telangana Assembly sessions commenced today and ahead of it Congress Legislature Party (CLP) was held.

In this very meeting Jagga Reddy made interesting remarks on Revanth. “Is this Congress party or private limited company that is run by a single man?” questioned Jagga Reddy.

On Revanth’s Zaheerabad tour, “Why was former MLA and senior Congress leader Geetha Reddy not informed of Revanth’s visit. Is this how seniors are being treated?,” asked Jagga Reddy.

“To try and become a hero in Congress is not possible. Even I wasn’t informed about Revanth’s visit and by not intimating me, is Revanth trying to prove he has differences with me,” added the firebrand leader.

These comments by Jagga Reddy are nothing new and also these internal conflicts in Congress. Some things never change!

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