No More Lockdown, Only Unlocking – PM Modi

In the wake of widespread rumours about a possible nation-wide lockdown, the clarification has come from the horse’s mouth. None other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced, “No more lockdown. Only unlock.”

“We need to fight rumours of lockdown and plan for unlock 2.0,” PM Modi told Chief Ministers today. He made these remarks on the second day of his interaction with Chief Ministers via video conference. This is the sixth interaction of the PM with the CMs in this Covid-19 situation. The interaction is to discuss the crisis and plans way forward to tackle the disease.

Modi also hailed the citizens of the country for their cooperation. Modi said the discipline displayed by the citizens during lockdown helped control “exponential growth” of Covid-19.

After the nation imposed four phases of lockdown to stop the spread of novel Corona Virus, the nation has now called for Unlock 1. PM Modi is confident that the nation will overcome the crisis. He tried to instill confidence among the Chief Ministers and the citizens.

“The number of patients who have recovered from COVID-19 till now is more than the number of active cases in the country. Also, at present, ventilator and ICU care are needed for very few patients across the country,” the Prime Minister said.

“Just three months back, there was a shortage of PPE kits and diagnostic kits across the world. In India too, we had a very limited stock because we were completely dependent on imports. But today, more than 1 crore PPE kits and an equal number of N95 masks have reached the states. We have over 900 testing labs now,” Modi said.

On this note, Modi told CMs that the expansion of health infrastructure should be the utmost priority. Meanwhile, the PM also emphasised the importance of testing and asked the states to conduct more tests so that the infected person can be identified, isolated and treated. Thus, Modi’s two-day interaction with CMs ended on a positive note for businesses and citizens as the nation wouldn’t witness another lockdown.