Etala Gets Competition From Rajenders!

The nominations for Huzurabad by-election has concluded. BJP’s Etala Rajender filed his nomination in the last hour of Friday. With nomination coming to a conclusion, the Returning Officer has announced the candidates list which is a mandatory in poll process. About 61 candidates are in the race for Huzurabad by-election but a shocking detail has been exposed.

When the 61 candidate names are observed, there are four Rajenders including the original Etala Rajender. What’s coincidental is that the rest of the three Rajenders have ‘E’ as their initial and this looks like a serious conspiracy against Etala.

Emmadi Rajender from Republic Party of India, Eesampalli Rajender from New India Party and Eppalapalli Rajender from All India BC-OBC party have filed their nominations. All the three filed nominations on Friday before Etala did.

Adding more strength to this conspiracy, on the last day of nominations 46 candidates have filed their nominations while before that i.e, till October 7th just 15 candidates filed their nominations.

Learning about this Etala is said to be worried and alleged that TRS party is indulging in cheap tactics to defeat him. There are high chances of voters getting confused to spot the real ‘E Rajender’ in the EVM machine and it would result in a split of votes which would ultimately benefit the TRS party.

In the 2018 Assembly elections, Etala was troubled in a different manner. Etala’s driver filed nomination back then and Padi Kaushik Reddy who was in Congress then, allegedly worked with local TRS cadre against Etala.

The Huzurabad by-election is scheduled on October 30th.

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