‘Orey Pappu ga’ YCP Leaders Filthy Language

Bosudeekay remark by TDP spokesperson Pattabhi kicked up a political storm which provoked the YCP cadre to go for simultaneous attacks on the rival party’s offices and leaders’ houses at various places in the state.

Besides, the YCP leaders are also insulting and using filthy language on both TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu and his son N. Lokesh. It is more like a contest between the YCP leaders who are vying to secure a place in the good books of Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy by stooping to abysmal levels.

Minister P. Anil Kumar Yadav spewed venom at Lokesh. “Orey Pappu ga, nee lanti yedavani pappu ga anadam lo tappu ledu.” You have termed us Jagan’s dogs and yes, we are loyal to him. We love him and would peel off your skin if you make insulting remarks against Jagan, he said.

He even dared Loki to come to Nellore and attack him. “For the next one week, I will be in Nellore and will move without police escort. If you and your ‘abba’ are truly natives of Rayalaseema, then come and attack me and we will see whose wings will get trimmed.”

Calling ‘orey’ and suffixing ‘ga’ to the names, the YCP leaders said it was the TDP leaders who introduced this tradition of using abusive languages. “What can you do to Jagan? You should cross us to reach Jagan,” he asserted.

“It is not we who are calling Lokesh Pappu. Google search is showing his name when we search for pappu,” he said.

Former TDP leader Vallabhaneni Vamsi also fumed at Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh. For some time, there was talk that he would join the YCP but he had not done it formally. Yet, he expressed his solidarity with the YCP leaders by defending and justifying their attacks.

He said that Chandrababu Naidu was getting restless that he is not able to make his ‘useless’ son the chief minister of the state and hence, resorting to cheap politics.

Now, he has grown old and is trying to be respectful but he should remember that it was he who made his party men attack TDP founder N.T. Rama Rao with footwear at Hotel Viceroy.

Naidu protested against the Congress wearing black dress during AICC president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul’s visit to the state. Black flexis were put up and black balloons were released and the TDP leaders said that Sonia and Rahul were demons.

Protesting against Modi’s policies, Naidu roamed in 13 districts wearing black dress as part of “Dharma Porata Yatra”. He even got Amit Shah’s car attacked in Tirupati.

Naidu is the founder of organized crime. It is because he could do that, Naidu was able to throw out NTR out of his seat.

“Can anyone in the TDP say that the party does not belong to NTR but to Naidu. Yet, he got a verdict in his favour which said that the party belongs to Naidu. Such persons who can manage things are called “Tarpudu gadu.”

It was Naidu who forayed into technological field and promoted the party on social media. He got many of his rivals’ relatives abused through social media, Vamsi reminded.

Indirectly hinting at Lokesh, Vamsi said that he lacked people’s mandate. Naidu is a fox in the guise of a goat, he added. Lokesh does not have meter, motor or matter and Naidu is not able to wait for long to make his son the CM of the state, as he is already beyond 70 years of age.

It is his anxiety that is making him resort to cheap politics. Whatever Naidu does, Lokesh has to make a living selling milk, curd and vegetables. He is useless and people will never support him, Vamsi added.