Jagan Is Not Anna, He Is Dunna: Lokesh

In an alleged move to privatise the aided college, Sri Sai Baba National (SSBN) Degree College in Anantapur, the YCP government invited an unwanted controversy. With the police resorting to a lathi-charge the other day, students were deeply hurt but this issue turned into a political one.

TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh visited the SSBN college and supported the students’ protest against the privatisation row. Addressing the students, Lokesh came down heavily on AP CM YS Jagan.

“CM Jagan launched many schemes with ‘JAGANNA’ brand before everything. But Jagan is not Anna (brother), he is DUNNA (Ox). An ox destroys everything that comes its way and Jagan is doing the same. Jagan only knows destruction and now he has eyed aided colleges. The lands of aided colleges are very valuable in the market and in order to make more money, Jagan has put the future and lives of students at stake,” slammed Lokesh.

Recalling the history of SSBN college, Lokesh added that it was set up in the year 1944 by the great personality, Adinarayana. “Since Rayalaseema is a backward region, late Sri Sirivaram Adinarayana Rao in the year 1942 established the college to provide better education for the students of this region. His motive was a noble one but the Jagan government has other intentions. We shall not allow this college to go into the hands of private persons,” said Lokesh.

Apparently on September 24th the YCP government had given the option to the Aided Colleges to surrender their aided status and get derecognised but they can continue as private colleges. However students of SSBN objected to this and they claimed that converting the aided college into a private institution would increase their college fees enormously.

Nearly 500 students protested at the college premises on November 8th but the situation turned violent with police lathi-charge. Three students were injured in this episode.