Raghu Rama Krishna Raju’s First Reaction To Show Cause Notice

Raghurama Krishna Raju has reacted to the show cause notice issued by the party’s disciplinary committee. Raju said he has received an 18-page show cause notice from the party today afternoon. He said he has been getting calls from media reporters for his response on the show cause notice. Raju said he had requested them not to assemble at his residence and hence he said he has released a video recording message to the media and public upon their request.

Raju said the first two pages of show cause notice were in written and the rest 16 pages were various press clippings and newspaper reports of his statements. He said the party wanted his clarification on all of them. Raju said he has no intention to demean the party or party chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy in any manner. He claimed that none of his statements were against the party or party’s line. He said he had just made some corrections in the implementation of the government schemes which were started with good intention by CM Jagan but unfortunately not serving the full purpose due to other people. He said he had made only some suggestions to the government as he couldn’t get CM Jagan’s appointment. He said his intention was to make the right suggestions at the right time to the government. He said he had only made suggestions about TTD lands to the state government and it had nothing to do with the party or party’s activities.

Narsapuram MP and the Chairman of Legislative Committee in Parliament Raju said his inability to get CM Jagan’s appointment and the lack of time are reasons behind his statements/recommendations to the popular schemes of state government. Raju said that the party has given a week long time for him to respond to his show cause notice. He, however, added that he would be sending his official response to the party tomorrow.

In a soft tone, Raghurama Krishnam Raju said he had never uttered a single word against YSRCP or YS Jagan Reddy. He said his detailed response to the show cause notice will be sent to party’s all india general secretary Vijay Sai Reddy tomorrow and he would keep the details posted. That’s Raju’s first reaction to the show cause notice. Amidst reports of a suspension from the party, Raju’s soft reaction comes as a shocker to many. Let’s wait and see, what is in store.