YS Viveka Murder: Allegations On Viveka’s Son-in-Law

Vivekananda reddy
Vivekananda reddy

The mysterious murder of YS Vivekananda Reddy is taking many twists with each passing day. Freshly, one Bharat Yadav, a close friend of Sunil Yadav, (One of the suspects charged by the CBI) made sensational accusations that Viveka’s own son-in-law Narreddy Rajasekhar Reddy was behind his murder.

Bharat Yadav alleged that the prime reason for Viveka’s murder is property sharing dispute. Apparently Viveka’s close aide Shamim was involved in property sharing and this did not go well with Narreddy Rajasekhar Reddy.

“Viveka was adamant that Shamim should get half of this earning but Narreddy was against this. Both Father-in-law and son-in-law might have had a dispute over this and eventually Viveka was killed,” said Bharat Yadav.

A journalist by profession, Bharat went on to add that Sunil Yadav narrated the roles of each and every one who was involved in this murder. But when asked why he was silent all these days, Bharat Yadav replied that he was scared of his life and in the media many reports are surfacing on his name and so he had to come out and issue a clarification.

Bharat Yadav claimed that he was the first person to reach CBI and give valuable information in this murder case. But somehow the case got deviated.

This is a sensational twist. Viveka’s daughter Sunitha Reddy had approached AP High Court and CBI multiple times for justice. But is she unaware about her husband’s role? How will she react to these allegations? Let’s wait.

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