Murder Or Car Accident? Death of Two Models Suspicious!

The death of Ex-Miss Kerala and runner-up of the same event who were killed on November 1st in  an alleged car crash has turned suspicious.  Ansi Kabeer (winner of Miss Kerala 2019) and Anjana Shajan (a runner-up at the same event) died when their car overturned while ‘avoiding’ a two-wheeler. Both the models died on the spot. Also present in the car on the fateful day was the car driver who sustained minor injuries and another friend of the models Ashiq, an advertising professional, who later died in the hospital with severe injuries.

This incident took place past midnight near Kochi. It looked like an unfortunate accident which killed three people. The car driver Rahman was the only incident of the ‘accident’. He was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. He was treated at the hospital for his minor injuries and cops later registered a case and his arrest under charges of ‘involuntary manslaughter’.

Cops have developed suspicion and raised several missing pieces of information. Two weeks after the incident, police began the probe that revealed several shocking details. 

Prior to the car crash, both the models attended a DJ party at a hotel. Shockingly, the CCTV footage was ‘replaced’. The hard disk of CCTV footage was recovered by the investigation team. Probe team found that there were no visuals of the DJ party that led to several doubts. As per the manual investigation, cops found that there was an unpleasant incident at DJ party and both the models had left the hotel. Cops found that the car of the two women was ‘followed’.

Kerala police had tried to interrogate the hotel owner Roy J Vayalatin but he failed to appear before them despite multiple summons. Only after state police chief Anil Kant intervened, he turned up at the investigation. 

Hotel owner Vayalatin and five of his staff members were arrested when he turned up for the probe. After arrest Vayalatin confessed to the police that the CCTV hard disk which contained the visuals of the party were destroyed. Within 24 hours, the hotel owner and his staff got bail.

Cops tried to record the statements of all those who attended the party. But it didn’t yield much result as many of the participants were ‘unregistered’. The registered participants were being questioned by the police.

Meanwhile, another person Sajju, who was following the models car on the fateful day, approached the court seeking anticipatory bail as he feared being arrested. Some fresh media reports state that a top police officer had used his high-influence to keep hotel owner Vayalatin out of the investigation. 

CBI Investigation

A special team of the Crime branch of the CBI team has taken up the case. During the further interrogation, CBI learnt from some hotel staffers that the original hard disk which contained footage was ‘destroyed’ and thrown into nearby backwaters. A team of scuba divers on Monday (22 November) afternoon jumped into the backwaters, near Kochi with the objective of trying to retrieve the hard disk. Meanwhile some say that this a waste attempt as it is over two weeks since the incident took place. 

Ever since the car crash took place, the media’s relentless coverage on it has led to doubts which made police probe it and try to find the ‘mystery’ of any foul play in the death of models.

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